The Line Between the Devil’s Teeth and That Which Cannot Be Repeated

I’m certain that the Devil made distractions. If it had been God, I’d be racked with guilt right now.

What kinds of distractions do I like? Mostly literary ones; the obscure, forgotten, abandoned, forsaken, unrecognized, and overshadowed. Then there’s thinking about what kind of shirts do I want to wear in the fall, what kind of new jacket would look good on me, what kind of internal conflict should arise, what kind of flashbacks….

“Art is a house that yearns to be haunted.” Emily Dickinson.

I wonder if it’s wrong to think of writing as another way to bunk off?

I have this feeling that I need to read some Robert Aickman. It came over me the way modern society has industrial capitalism on one side and romantic love on the other.

This is comforting to someone who is uncomfortable with plot: “Shakespeare never invented a plot line and worked from what preoccupied him.”

Dear Yes, why are you such a peculiar, affirmative thing? A sharply drawn character who struts about my skull with a half groan and half acceptance that means, “life’s like that.”
The Bishop

Smash the world, start again, or fall into it completely. It’s those little riots of the mind that get me all the time.

In the David Jones’ In Parenthesis, Dai Greatcoat delivers a warrior’s boast that he has participated in every battle from the fall of Lucifer to the present. As a writer, I continually boast to myself that I am writing in a tradition that began with Homer and shall end with another finished novel.

“It is only an aesthetic phenomenon that existence and the world are eternally justified.” Nietzsche

I read this somewhere: What can be imagined, can be formed into the image of truth. A vision can be created.

The Way to spot a Writer:

They give no deference or civility to their supposed superiors. They also give no deference or civility to their inferiors.

“The creative process is not concerned with originality of source but originality of re-making.” Jeanette Winterson.

Here’s some PIL.


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