If You Liked School, You’ll Love Work

I’m always looking for ways to be surprised out of propriety; to be astonished. And you may ask, Why? Well, “Blessed is the day when the youth discovers that Within and Above as synonyms.”

I never liked school. I was always trying to invoke a demon or an angel to unleash their primal force into my skinny little self and help me soar to some world beyond the temporal, to face death and my teachers and say, “The sublime is now!”

Hey, every woman and man knows that art is born from struggle, right?

I’ve never liked work, either (I’m talking the nine to five affliction of unfortunate events). Why do we keep thinking that capitalism is a material force that is meant to free us from the worry of poverty? Surely all it really does is create more of a chasm between those who have, and those who don’t. Because no matter how much material wealth you own, no matter how much private property you covet, you’re still forced to admit that time is not your own and everything you posses is there by the arbitrary goodwill of someone else.

Maybe Marx was right when he argued that the exploited proletariat should unleash their power and topple a state that inflicts unnecessary suffering. Can an ideological doctrine of shared wealth be really worse than a realpolitik principle of lives spent working to simply survive in a world whose reality has only come about through the continual power of the few who lack any kind of vision?

Hey, every woman and man knows that making a living is not the same as living, right?


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