This Ain’t A Party! It’s an Outdated Union!

I’ve always grunted as to why there can’t be more than 2 parties, two options in US politics. And I don’t just buy the idea that we as people are of 2 minds (a bit of the liberal, a bit of the conservative). I’m more than 2. I can be liberal, conservative, fascist, libertine, anarchist, and basically ignorant, too. But I can see that the majority of people probably deal in twos: liberal or conservative. And how myriad could our government be before it was overwhelmed in abstract politics? Sometimes the lesser the choices the more can get done. Although now it seems like nothing is getting done with government. It’s all a stale marriage, as Arianna Huffington has put it.

And where is the liberal’s answer to the Tea Party movement? Shouldn’t there be a surge of something? Something like the Social Libertines or the New Reformers or the New Avengers, something that starts from the grass and aims for the redwood giants.

Why is it all down to black and white? We need spectrums, which is a good way to look at democracy.

None of this binary politics. It should be hyperlink politics.

Shit, I should be able to run for a political position espousing the wonders of being Welsh. True very few people would even vote for me, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to get into the fray and have my squeak heard in the tumultuous cry of the two-party, horn-butting rams.

And why would Americans want to narrow the field when it comes to politics, which is a slippery slope to begin with?

Maybe this all stems from the fact that each of us an individuals confronts so many choices in our lives, but end up only acting on a few. People want things to be simple. I mean look at marriage. You candidly ask most people and they’d say, oh, yes, they think about sex with another person besides their partner, right. But how many actually act on it? We control the choices because the consequences, for most of us, would be too hard to handle.

But I’m all for change and challenge. Why can’t we imagine a system that’s not just two balls hanging from the same old animal?

Wasn’t it Hobbes who wrote that the best government would have the power of a sea monster? Ok, I’ll vote for a giant squid. He also believed that governments should protect us from our own selfishness and we should dtich any governments who don’t.

We live with a moon and a sun, but it’s the stars that make it all interesting.

“There is no such thing as perpetual tranquility of mind while we live here; because life itself is but motion, and can never be without desire, nor without fear, no more than without sense.” Thomas Hobbes


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