Big Audio Ambitions

Secretly, I long to be a DJ. Had a stint as one during my college years and loved it. I started out with the graveyard shift and maybe one or two drunken listeners and then graduated to a weekend slot that had more audio magnitude allowing me to share the music I love with a wider audience. There’s a fantastic local cummunity radio station here in Maine (WERU) that I’ve got my beedy eyes on.

But until that time, here’s a playlist for anyone who is strongly wishing for anything. Here in Maine, I’m dying for it to be spring. I’d give up my next story idea for a glimpse of a green shoot or a bud feathering to leaf. Or even a damn moth at the window at night.

I’m a strong beliver in using the force that through the green fuse drives the flower!

And since music is such a strong mood inducer, here’s some tonic for the troops:

1. “Aim High” Paul Weller

2. “Town Called Malice” The Jam

3. “Parklife” Blur

4. “The Devil’s Crayon” Wild Beasts

5. “Rat In Mi Kitchen,” UB40

6. “Kool-Aid” BAD

7. “Five Man Army” Massive Attack

8. “My Girls” Animal Collective

9. “Dusted” Leftfield

10. “Sensations in the Dark” Gruff Rhys


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