Golden Years

Things are gunning up for this year’s House, Senate, and governor’s races. And here in Maine it’s certainly not burning with boredom.  But I’m not a political banana to hang with the bunch. Politics has never interested me enough. And it’s not out of apathy, either, it’s more like the way atheists question religion more because they can’t deny their spiritual sides so easily and so shrug off religion. I’m just not convinced of its usefulness in my day-to-day life since I see it as some functioning construct that straddles the material and the otherwordly; some kind of faery realm or promised land, neither of which interests me enough compared to the life around me of family, friends, books, music, and the creative mind.

In fact, I still like being a foreigner in the US, it’s refreshing not to have to feel a part of everything, to feel connected and plugged into every damn thing that passes for life, to not feel responsible for a faulty government, the roads, the health system, unemployment, the economic surges as it goes down the birthing path to new prosperity or the same rut of consumerism and debt, and the shambolic political system that breathes democracy but functions as a two-party system where you’re voting not so much for the person and his or her politics but for the person most likely to succeed or giving your vote to the opponent of the person who you can’t stand. That’s an odd way for democracy to work: a choice based on reducing the collateral damage.

“My obsession has been that we should have a revolution that does not resemble the French or Russian, but rather the American, in the sense that it be for something, not against something. A revolution for a constitution, not a paradise. An anti-utopian revolution. Because utopias lead to the guillotine and the gulag.” Adam Michnik




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