Crossing the Sound Barrier

I have been thinking lately about the idea of the universe storing memories that can later be retrieved by future generations.

There’s this idea that sound never vanishes but continues on through space, echoing on and on and existing somewhere, heard by who knows what.

Makes you start to wonder if thinking too many negative thoughts has a way of travelling through space and coming back to you after they’ve picked up other cosmic pessimistic thoughts.

Maybe that explains why I sometimes hear myself saying something I’ve said before. As if I’ve heard my voice from many years ago and am simply repeating what I’ve already said.

Then it makes you wonder if what you say is actually distant voices that you subconsciously hear and are simply repeating. Or even if you are hearing things you haven’t even said yet, because sound travels slowly, and our thoughts are in essence just electrical impulses, light, if you like, and light travels faster than sound.

Plus energy can’t just be contained within the skull, but could just as easily have its conception behind the sun.

Keats once said he wanted to meet all his friends, living and dead, in a tavern.

“One can look for friends and allies across the barriers of both time and space.” Nadezhda Mandelstam, Hope Against Hope


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