What We Have For Entertainment

I’m hot and bothered around the collar because I just recently attended an ergonomic class directed by the Maine Department of Labor and it was an insult to my body and mind. I can actually think for myself and have a pretty good awareness of how I should be sitting and working at my desk; how to procrastinate on the Web; how to eat my lunch, exercise, answer the phone, and send an email while writing my next novel in my head.

If the Department of Labor really wants to make a difference, how about shortening the work week to five hours? Now that would alleviate the 8-plus hours sitting, wouldn’t it?

Ha! Nobody ever wants to get to the root of a problem, do they? All they want to do it continue with the status quo and complicate situations. Add on and on and on until the air you breathe is through a straw and the view you see is through a slit and the mind you think with is the size of a pea and the feelings you have you have to borrow.


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