What’s A Verb Got to Do With It?

If someone asked me what my favourite verb is, I would reply, “Make.”

Why? Easy. It’s the creative verb: We make love, make dinner, make babies, make drinks, make friends, make sense, make up stories.

Besides the first, I’m partial to the last.

And that’s why I have a hard time with works of realism. If I want slices and mirror-like images of the life around me, all I have to do is get out in the world, take a long hard look, and occasionally waste my time on the Internet reading the news.

But if I want to build on my relationships with others, with my self, with the world, with my fears, my dreams, then I want a book. A story that’s made up of the fantastical, the absurd, the imagination that takes centre stage and isn’t left to pout in the margins.

So make my day and make it fantastic.

Interesting fact: The Poet Laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson liked to entertain guests by doing impersonations of someone going to the lavatory.

Listening to:

Speaking in Tongues by the Talking Heads.

9 by PIL.

Sleep No More by the Comsat Angels

XX by XX.


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