Persistence of the Outrageous

“The one thing the world will never have enough of is the outrageous,” said Salvador Dali.

He may be right. But then he had a perfectly waxed, upturned mustache. And I only have a well-maintained beard that sometimes I allow to get unruly.

He was known to wear outlandish clothes like Oscar Wilde. The most extravagant I get is when I put on a cravat with my brogues. Or I sling a brolly over my arm and pretend I’m a New Literary Avenger.

He even rang a bell when he went on a walk so that people would look at him. I sometimes sing a few bars of Bernard Cribbins’ “Hole in the Ground,” hoping people might stare. They don’t. They cross the street.

Interesting fact: The ancient Greek punishment for adultery was to shove a radish up the adulterer’s bum.

I live too near a wood to be scared by owls. That’s a Greek proverb, but it works in Maine, too. Since I, too, live near a wood. But it’s the ticks that scare me.

Currently listening to:

Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. Western swing at its best.

Sings for Only the Lonely by Frank Sinatra. I’m listening to this on vinyl and the bleak, dark album sounds even richer when the needle hits the record.


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