His Bright Material

I love this quote from Philip Pullman. He’s one gem of a writer — by which I mean he mines the minerals of the self and the world and makes us all the richer for it.

He’s currently got a new book out called The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, which is part of the Canongate Myths series. It’s made the religions hordes want to throw him to the lions. In the book he contrasts the prophet Jesus with the manipulative Christ. He’s well-known to get a hairball when it comes to religion, but he’s such a thoughtful and imaginative writer that you can’t help but see him not so much kicking religion in its neutered parts but more like he’s got the real insight, some more truthful human understanding about our lives that is far more fascinating than what’s preached to us from the Gospels and the commandments.

I try to live and think like this each day, but it’s fucking hard because it is so easy to slide into despair and become miserable even though I know it doesn’t help.

“I came to realise that this world was actually rather a good place, which is full of things that make you laugh and things that make you happy and things that make you feel good physically, and so I gradually abandoned the idea of the evil demiurges who had created this ghastly world, and realised actually that this is our home, it’s where we belong, and there ain’t no elsewhere.”


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