Auteur Director’s Sex Night

“Oh, not like that! Can’t you do it more like Cocteau?”

“I’m trying honey, but am I beauty or the beast?”

“It doesn’t matter, just give me some Godard, will you.”

“Now, was he French or German?”

“Oh, God, don’t ask now. Come on, Gondry me like film noir.”

“Was that after the avant-garde or before new wave.”

“Oh … Oh … now … give it to me … now … give me Bertolucci….”

“Would he do it like this?”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, move it here will you, and do it like Jeunet does in A Very Long Engagement.”

“Was he a student of Truffaut … oh, don’t stop….”

“No, I think he studied Bresson in his spare time… oh, God, that feels good.”

“Oh, yes, Oh Jean de Florette!”

“Yes, yes, that’s Claude Berri!”

“Brigitte Bardot!

Mon dieu!”


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