The Life of a Savage

God, I love Moleskine notebooks. I have one on me. It’s full of my scribbles. I keep a record of books to read, music to listen to, scraps of dialogue I overhear, story ideas, notes to myself to remember to get a pair of new shoes at some point, quotes, a list of things to do and not to do, and whatever else is jamming my transmission.

Apple can bring on its new tablet, the iPad — which sounds like a woman’s hygiene product or a diaper for an aging Rastafarian — but it will never compete with a notebook and pen.

Technology can keep us all prim and proper in life, but books and notebooks keep us scruffy around the edges, and I like that.

And E-books may be the future, but what people who make such statements fail to understand is that the majority of people who buy books are writers. And writers will never have a bookshelf with a single reading device on it, they’ll want it stuffed with books.

All this fuss about electronic books is just another raw fascination with the new, but the new is a T Rex: doomed to extinction because the next big meteor of human invention is on the way….

“It is time for writers to admit that nothing in this world makes sense.” Chekhov

Here’s some good writerly advice for editing from Isaac Babel: “The rubbishy words go into hiding and you must dig them out.”


The Stone Gods by Jeanette Winterson. A real page turner. Winterson at her best with a story that deals with a futuristic planet called Orbus that is facing the same problems as ours: running out of resources and suffering severe climate changes. Instead of dealing with the potential catastrophes, however, the citizens spend all their time and energy getting bio-enhanced and looking for a new planet to relocate to.

The City & the City by China Mieville. The master of the New Weird.


Ivor Cutler. Scottish songwriter, poet, and humorist.

Fisherman’s Blues by the Waterboys.

Aural Sculpture by the the Stranglers.

To Lose My Life… by the White Lies.


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