I Got Transmission

I was just reading something about George Whitman, owner of the bookstore Shakespeare and Company in Paris. What a place! It’s where all the literati have hung out. Fascinating guy. He bought the shop from Sylvia Beach after a stint as a GI — and he hails from Massachusetts.  He’s like 93 now, but still lives above the shop. And Hemingway would stop in to flash his spare, emotional prose at Whitman and Henry Miller refused to eat out of his stewpot.

I love this that he says: “Books, people, ideas, that’s what matters.”

Which segues nicely to those Somali pirates. As a kid I always thought pirates were fictional characters like dragons and wizards and concubines. But it’s fascinating that they exist. Out there on the high seas with scurvy, wharf rats, and cutlasses.


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