Achtung, Bono

Everywhere I look these days, I see Bono. If he isn’t in Rolling Stone, he’s in the New Yorker, or else posing in his dark glasses on toxic waste barrels for Greenpeace, or joining marches against Third World debt in new leather trousers. If this is viral marketing, Bono’s the bug.

That’s why it’s time to Boycott Bono. I’m starting with breaking my collection of vintage U2 vinyl.

I wouldn’t mind so much if U2 were preparing to split up, but for the media to keep licking the band’s instruments and frothing their lyrics into a tasty meringue is plain annoying.

U2 are the one of the richest pop groups in history, so how does it come as a surprise that their new CD is pushing musical boundaries and being critically well-received? They have the cash to make it so — sound quality, exotic location, and luminaries like Eno behind it.


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