What you might call a mensch

Dear Mr. Adversary:

“Your feelings are your own private business; your behavior is public.”

That is why I refuse to respond to taunts. My feelings of anger are my own private hell. I’d rather make a public Garden of Eden out of my manners.

So I refuse to be drawn into your  little games of nemesis . So you won’t be getting any expletives or emetic expulsions. I’ve had 20 years of regret and failures under my belt to know that it’s no use belittling someone else when I’m the biggest target. So don’t try me.

I’m immune to such taunts. I have social skills, which is a hot tyke this season in designer wear that can take the heat on the streets. Camouflage is out. So is spandex and fishnets. And trainers. As well as lounge wear.

I’m the minx of manners. Nothing can ruffle my boa.


Billy Ruffian


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