Go tell it on the mountain

I feel like new. I’m restored. Feel like a winner. Obama’s win is a huge social reform. A fundamental change. A bloodless revolution. There’s going to be a black man in the White House. Wow! It’s like an electrical charge. A new direction. I can finally relate to some leader. No more mutterings and despairing under the eight-year yoke of Republicanism.

I have to admit it feels good to finally live among a mass of people who share the same ideas, visions, feelings, and opinions. A liberal, thinking, creative, aspiring, libertine mass of people now have political clout. No more groveling in the dirt of a conservative regime that wanted to take us away from any semblance of humanity. Heads high, at last.

This is a real, tangible shift in what this nation thinks and feels is of importance. Progressive liberal ideas — because Obama is no a left wing socialist, he’s a middle of the road liberal, I think, and will definitely try to keep the spirit level there — have now won over conservative, philistine, religious-prodded, fear-motivated, ignorance-based, stagnant, worn-out, infantile homilies of damnation and salvation. This is evolution, damn it!

Welcome to Obamaland. I’m glad you came. I’m glad I’m here. Even though the man’s got a lot of ploughing and sowing to do. But he’s got this far, so he’s just got to take a big swig of the collective will and plunge on knowing he can’t solve everything but that he can make a little green in the barren land that Bush has brought us as his vision of the Promised Land.

And I shall be wearing a smug smile for a long time. And scoffing at the McCain signs that rattle in the wind. Take them down! Squirm yourselves away somewhere, I want to shout, while what you hoped would never happen has: the world has changed.

The GOP and its followers have taken a walloping good kick to the neutered parts.

I feel like a tortoise who has at last poked his head out of his shell that he needed to protect himself from all the shit of the last 8 years.

Even without all the pundits dull-edged observations and the intellects passage to the footnotes of history, I’m just happy. Pure and simple. The most wise to the witless fool could tell me everything of importance, explain it all away to an inch of the absolute truth, an atom of the whole, reduce it all to its holistic dose of knowledge, but right now, I’m just simply happy.

Not a bad way to be.

I just don’t think I’ve seen this kind of change in my lifetime — not unless you count the time I switched from Dr Martens to Clark’s.

Could it be said, without being heckled by nihilists, that liberal thinking has got a strong hold on the American consciousness? That a mass of people now think it is better to be liberal than conservative in their opinions, politics, loves, feelings, and post-coital sighs?

It’s a lovely November day here in Maine. The earth is damp. The sky is the cold gray of gruel that’s good for you. Wet, yellow leaves are heaped around the base of trees like some surreal joke to authenticity.


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