The Golden Grip

I have written a YA Fantasy novel THE GOLDEN GRIP. It’s online at Authonomy is the creation of UK book publishers HarperCollins. It’s a site for aspiring writers to develop their books and connect with the literary community. The top 5 rated books every month win a critique from the Harper Collins editing staff. This from its site: “Authonomy is on a mission to flush out the brightest, freshest new writing talent around.”

Blake's Ancient of Days


Please visit this site and read my novel THE GOLDEN GRIP, book one of THE CHILD ENTHRONED trilogy. And review it if you please. Feather your nest with it by placing the book on your bookshelf. I appreciate your help in this process on the road to publishing THE GOLDEN GRIP.

Here’s a synopsis for THE GOLDEN GRIP, book one of THE CHILD ENTHRONED trilogy:

Ordinary London boy Dylan Sloane has no idea he is the Sun god’s heir, chosen to rule the sun realm Albion. On an outing to the Tate museum, he is warned by Professor Gideon Spurne to keep away from the Pre-Raphaelite masterpiece The Child Enthroned. But the moment Dylan locks eyes with the mysterious girl in the portrait he is snatched into Brim Umbra and into the centre of a usurper king’s deadly plot to overthrow the Sun god.

Trapped in the Electric Body Cages by the Brotherhood, a band of wolf alchemists, Dylan is rescued by Nessa Icon, the king’s exiled daughter. Fleeing Brim Umbra, the children steal the Golden Grip, a powerful amulet shaped like a child’s clenched fist, and capture a Helios, a fallen star and legendary solar vehicle to the sun realm.

Pursued by an alchemical Golem and a Dream Hunter, the children trust unexpected new friends: the Moon god and his feisty albatross, pirates of the Scarlet Pimpernel, Skellig Solitaries, awakened marble statues, an ex-highwayman, and a serendipitous winged woman.

Can Dylan and Nessa save the Golden Dawn before the Black Beast devours it and the Sun and Moon gods fall from their celestial thrones?

Fans of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, Winterson’s Tanglewreck, Mervyn Peake, Frances Hardinge, and Alan Garner should enjoy THE GOLDEN GRIP!


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