A Comic Nip

This is the tale of a man who told a joke. We will not need to know his name since he could be anyone. And being so, his identity is forfeit. Which makes the place where he told it moot. But for the purpose of this story, let’s say it’s in America. The East Coast because wisecracks are easier where traditions are strongest.

“Vision, or imagination, writes Blake, is a representation of what actually exists, really and unchangeably. Fable, or allegory, is formed by the daughters of Memory. A vision is a perception of the eternal symbols, about which the world is formed, while allegory is a memory of some natural event into which we read a spiritual meaning. In vision the meaning chooses its own symbol by a kind of affinity, while in the case of allegory we choose out some corporeal accident, and build into our memory of it a little vision, for allegory, according to Blake, contains some vision always, and lift it up into a personification of a spiritual or natural meaning.”


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