The bully pulpit of a dog

I have finally addedRadiohead’s In Rainbows to my collection. I’m a traditionalist, couldn’t bring myself to download it for free or as cheap as I wanted from the band’s Website. I just like the whole feel of a CD. It’s an amazing album. Definitely influenced by Yorke’s The Eraser. I’d put the new one up there with Ok Computer and The Bends.

And know I’ve read that a band I adored, Portishead, is releasing new stuff. I’m having Pope’s “hope springs eternal” moment.

Here’s some Swinburne because there’s snow here in Maine and more on the way, the grand gluttony of snow devouring itself into a white nowhere.

“And now that the rage of thy rapture is satiate with revel and ravin and spoil of the snow.”

And where is spring? I’m lapping the saucer here and it’s dry and the dish is of the bad glaze kind. I’ve got to stir in this unmoving mass of vegetable life. I’m staggering onward and spring’s coveting the juice so then why then am I drunk?

This winter’s drowning spring in a bovine’s trough, a stone basin long cracked and leaking and scumed with frost and yet… It’s got to happen. But when?

And I like seasons. I like the year split into four parts, each a play within a play, each a room within a boundless house, each a symphony within a harmony, discordant because there’s life.

But no money slows winter down even more. Applies the greased brakes in a vehicle that only knows brakes. If I had some cash I’d make a clean break. Go somewhere warm for a week and let the sun do golden pointillism to my winter skin. We have to cough up a hairball of more cash just to heat the house. Why is the price of oil going up? Why am I heating with oil when I could be felling trees in my own homestead or having a carapace of solar panels like heraldic spots of light covering my roof? Why do we continue to live in perpetual twilight when the full scope of our ingenuity has to bask in obscurity? We have the technology to create solar panels so why not shift away from oil, which will end in blood, and move to something more beneficial not only to us but to nature, too.

We’re living off the dead. What’s oil but the sludge of what has died. Why don’t we seriously start considering ways to harness the hottest source in our universe: the sun. It’s living and is a fireball that, if it can heat our entire planet, should be able to heat our living spaces. Work at harnessing that instead of stabbing the earth like mosquitoes until we become, as we have, a malaria of dependence on oil.

Or even better, let’s be nomadic again, go to where the sun shines in the winter so we don’t even have to worry about heating bills.

Bring me my shoes!

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