Spitzer zie demimonde?

If I have to read another thing about Spitzer, I’m going to have to call the Emperor’s Club myself to get some relief.

Why the complete absorption with this man? Okay, I understand man’s fascination with the lurid and a man of power falling flat on his face for a paid fuck, but, are we as a society that naive to think that this kind of practice doesn’t go on? Weren’t Roman senators indulging all the time, and they had a choice between women and boys. What makes it so “shocking” that a man of power abuses his position? Where have we all been the last few centuries?

Is everyone up in arms because he was prosecuting such miscreants and ended up being one himself? Odd sentiment to have. Do we actually believe that those who enforce the law are somehow cleansed of all depravity and moral slackness? Man is flawed but wishes he was otherwise. Why should holding a public office suddenly rid you of your humanity? Humanity is not simply virtue and truth and honor and respectability and the principled and ethical, it is also accepting that we are indecent, deceitful, immoral, capable of being polyglots for the languages of failure. And I know we must all strive to be better. But it’s as if nobody wants to see the slag, the jetsam, the dreck, the scum, the dross of what it takes to attain that higher, greater self we all so desperately long for.

If we insist on sensationalizing a man’s downfall aren’t we doing the complete opposite of lifting our humanity to a better place? If you set a person up as either martyr or sinner, and it’s obviously sinner in Mr. Spitzer’s case, we are reveling in the transgressor and get stuck there and only focus on that and never see that it is both sinner and martyr that we are and neither is better, only humanity is what counts.

And the news isn’t just informing the electorate, either. The media have just placed a stone in everyone’s hands and with a blood-curdling cry yelled throw! What a puerile approach we have for punishing people. Instead of impeaching Spitzer or putting him in the pillory, why not have him wash the cum-stained garments of prostitutes? I don’t understand why we must ruin a man because of a fatal flaw we all inherit: being human. And is it such a dreadful condition to have, being human?

And enough with all the prayers for the family. How can we take pleasure in ruining a man and then glibly offer a patronizing supplication to his family as though we are now honoring him for this one saving grace that he had a family. It’s a hollow gesture since everyone’s just exhaling a collective sigh of release. I mean, what man hasn’t dreamt of going with a hooker? The vast majority of us might not act on it, but we’ve all toyed with the idea. Does this make us any different from Spitzer? The only difference I see is that he’s a bigger fool than the rest of us. And everybody hates a fool because it makes the rest of us look bad. So let’s just can him and shove him aside instead of accepting the humanity in all of us is not perfect.

What should happen, is that he should be forced to go before a jury of women and made to explain in detail what went on. If we really want to humiliate the man and make him pay, a group of women would be the perfect way to do it. He should have to intimately describe his transgressions against a single woman as an apology to all women. That should be his punishment, not loss of job or public mockery and condemnation. Let him be judged by the women he thought he was superior to because he arrogantly believed that by using one he was above all.

If there’s going to be any punishment, though, it’s going to come from the ones who love him, not society. He’s going to have one hell of a dark night of the soul. His guilt’s going to haunt him for years, and imagine all the anger and hate and accusations and shit that he and his family are going to have endure behind closed doors, in their own private hell. He’s got his own personal Dante’s Inferno before him but without Virgil as a guide. And if he’s a man he’s going to have to beg forgiveness from his family and they are going to either save him or damn him a lot more than the media or his peers ever will. Sounds like justice to me.

A plague on the house of media.

There may be no news in poetry, as Auden so rightly sang, but it’s better for it.

News should be what new little discovery we’ve made in our own backyards or that we’ve seen the first robin of spring or it should be news that tells us something new about ourselves without violence and greed and perversions and the next sensational buggery.

Why doesn’t the news ever highlight what it is we all have a common cause in: change and something better. Why doesn’t it ever focus on the things that inspire us to greater heights? Surely if we are all here to live with one another the best way to do this would be to have others inspire us, not make us into drooling morons. We have all these people around us to inspireus and yet we continually opt to become a race of destroyers. A morass of emptiness.

Why on earth are there other people if they only bring us all down into stagnation and rot.

Our daily goal should be to inspire not expire. Inspiration brings more life with it. And that’s why we are here. Life.

Yes, throw Spitzer to the lions, he deserves nothing less. What is that axiom? “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Jesus, I’m quoting the Bible. Good for me. Nothing should be off-limits for a writer. If it is, he or she has no business with words.

What really gets my pagan goat, though, is that Spitzer’s downfall was because of a woman. What is it about us that we must perpetuate this archetypal myth: Man’s fall from Eden because of woman nonsense. It’s not stated, but we all know our religion and we all are expected to understand that he wouldn’t have been toppled if it wasn’t for the prostitute.

We need to seriously remake that myth. Have man and woman each twist free their own fruit of knowledge and then swap them and walk away from Eden happy with the self-imposed exile because it means life.


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