He played the euphonium

Dear Sweet Georgia Brown,

Meet me in Arkansas. I’m done with Miss Idaho and her spuds. And I’m over the navel of Miss Orange from Florida. And you can stop fretting over Miss Maine’s balsam. And dry your tears, I no longer even think about Miss Dakota’s badlands. And the redwood twins from California don’t excite me any more — although Mrs Washington’s apple is still sweet, but I promise to have chucked the core by the time I reach Miss Wyoming’s ranch. And I’ve nibbled enough of Miss Iowa’s corn to get me to Miss Nebraska’s husk. But don’t worry sweetie, they have nothing compared to your peaches and pecans. And don’t even utter one word about Miss Vermont’s cheese. I’ve been over her since I tasted Miss Ohio’s rigged ballot. If only Miss Colorado didn’t have such slopes….But I digress. (And you can blame Miss Louisiana and her swamps and Miss Kentucky and her grass. Such things make me forget my own heart.) But it’s yours now and Miss South Carolina’s going to have to patch it up with Miss North Carolina. And it’s good-bye Miss Texas — her horns were too long anyway. And so long to Miss New York who took too many liberties. I’m coming south, darling. I’m heading your way — with one slight detour on the way. I’ve heard things about Miss Virginia that I must discover for myself before we wed. My fondest love always, The Last King of Scotland.

I read a fascinating article about the 911 Truth movement. I can admit to not being enthralled by conspiracy theories, a lot of it is total bunkum and it’s amateurish sleuthing and nauseous hyperbole and cultish in its demands of the individual to stop thinking independently but as a collective.

But the movement makes some damn well reasoned points and its questioning is the spark that struck me. And the people interviewed in the article didn’t sound like wackos. Came across as sane to me and unafraid to ask the questions I imagine have been nagging a good number of the population who aren’t plugged into the default mode of patriotism. And as the article suggests, it’s good to see a growing number of people in the U.S. ditching the laziness that has captured the hearts and souls of so many. And who knows if it doesn’t just spin off into hooey preachers and brimstone prophets. But right now, they are raising some civil discussion about a subject that’s cloaked in a lot of secrecy.

Hell, why did the towers look like they imploded? And why was the administration reluctant to cooperate with the 911 Commission? And what the fuck was going on with bin Laden and the CIA who trained him to knock off Commies? And why wasn’t the air force activated sooner to knock the planes out? And how the fuck did plane fuel destroy those towers? Is it possible?

There really are lots of questions about 911 and why haven’t they been answered? Why has it been forgotten about in this miasma of patriotism and the plague on your house if you dissent against the government as though you are a hidden cell of destruction rather than a concerned citizen with nothing more than a desire for truth and discourse.

Still, I can’t bring myself to to get so caught up in all of this. The secrecy of governments is historical. I think they’ve always feared telling the populace the truths because they just couldn’t handle it. Must have started in the feudal times when the lord went out on his nightly rounds fucking whatever vassal’s wife he liked, the Jus primae noctis. Duplicity and politics goes together like the bloody truth that animals get slaughtered so that we can get the ache out of our bellies.

The one thing I take away from that article is that I’m not one to automatically just quash and debunk and scoff at any idea until I’ve given it a rented room in my brain; where I’ll seduce it to see if it really has the goods or if it’s just faking it.


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